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Global Warming and Agriculture: sustainable or, still, disable development for Developing Countries?

Published by AnneSo | Filed under In English, Agriculture, Chiffres, International, Economie

William ClineThe Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics has just released a new study by William R. Cline (specialist of emerging markets at the IIE, former senior fellow at Brookings, and previously working at the US Treasury Department).

In this survey, he models the effects of global warming on developing countries within a 50 to 70 years forecast (2070-2099 period). After an outline of existing studies on the topic, he uses general circulation models to estimate the projected changes in temperature, precipitation and agricultural capacity. He finds that agricultural production in Developing Countries may fall between 10 and 20 percent! What’s more, “if global warming progresses at its current rate, India’s agricultural capacity could fall as much as 40 percent”!!! For sure, policy makers thus have to do something “before the world’s developing countries are adversely and irreversibly affected”!!!

According to Sir Nicholas Stern, “Bill Cline has been a pioneer in the study of the economic effects of global warming. His latest book on the effects on agriculture is of great importance and has provided another important landmark in the study of this crucial issue.” So, if you want to know more on this topic, here are:

The Introduction

The modelisation (Country-Level Climate Projections)

The Conclusion

In order to buy the book, Global Warming and Agriculture: Impact Estimates by Country, click here for more information.

juillet 11th, 2007

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